Ok so you have a blog, now what? Now you need an audience 🙂


  1. Sharing is caring
    Be sure to add social buttons to your posts so users can follow you and share your work. Number of people who see your content increases with each new share.  The more people see your content the more your audience will grow.
  2. Watch on timing
    Yes you read it well. People often read blogs on the road from home to work and back and in the afternoon. By publishing new posts during these hours you will increase visits to your blog.
  3. Email subscribers
    Add option for subscription and each time you post something new inform your visitors about it through newsletter. If you need help for adding this functionality to your website you can contact Linked Web and we will be happy to help.
  4. Post on others blogs
    Offer your writing to other well ranked blogs. In exchange you will get right to leave link of your website inside the post. This will get you additional traffic from those blogs.
  5. Keep professional appearance.
    People will make an assessment of  your blog before they even read a single word.  Having a great design with easy navigation, a memorable name and a mobile friendly website will make great first impression.



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