• Hosting

Space on the server. Basically location where all of your website files will be placed. Always check the reputation of your hosting company. It is important that they provide speed for loading  your site. And also to have great support for any questions you have. Most known and the one that we are using is Hostgator. Don’t believe us? Go and google “best hosting companies” and see it for yourself. So practically when you buy a hosting you actually renting space on some server for 1,2,…10 years.

  • Domain

Web address of your website. For example our is linkeri.net. Your web address must be unique. You can check if your desired domain address is available here. Also you should try to think some short and easy to remember name. The best way is to think as user who is searching your product. What he would type?

Also one thing to remember if you buy domain and hosting from 2 different companies you will need to pay switching domain to the hosting  company.

So it is always the best solution to buy both from the same company.

6 Things You Need to Start Website

  • Content

Well this is entirely up to you. When you know what is your website about it is easy to think about content. You can draw a sketch of how would you like your website to look like. E.g. How many pages (Home, Gallery,Contact)?Prepare content for those pages, images, videos, text, links.

Of course if you prefer to do the most of the job by yourself then you can do all the above. But also you can ask all that from your website providing company. And then you can just set back and relax. Your website company can provide you images, commercial videos etc. If you have any doubts in how all this function feel free to ask free Skype session with us so we can provide you more details.

  • Website

Now we come to the main part. Unless you know who to make a website you can ask professional to do it for you. No matter is that one person or a company make sure to check there portfolio. Also always ask for days of completions and of price evaluation. Don’t forget that you always have right for FREE evaluation of your website building so don’t be shy to ask 🙂


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  • Support

After your website is build, during the next period of time, you will probably want to change something on the website. Mostly you will want to add new content, maybe add more photos, improved video. Or maybe you will want to move website to a new company or change your contact details. Anyway you will need good support for those things. In some of the companies those offers are included in the price of the website. For example we included support for each of our website offers, the Special Offers as well as the new Orders of Website. If you don’t want to pay for support you can also ask for tutoring classes on how to maintain your website, if you prefer to do thing your one way.

  • SEO

If you want to bring people on your website this definitely the thing you should learn more about. There is many ways to bring audience on your website. You can contact us for free, so we give you some suggestions. One of the best advice you can get is to have blog on your website and to post regularly so you build up an audience that will visit your website regularly. If you don’t have time for blogging and just want to have basic presentation site that you will show on your business card and which people will use to get basic info about out you (working time, location, email) then you can skip blogging.


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